Nature is the very foundation of society, and we believe its preservation is a collective responsibility of humanity. At Milbon, we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint so that our precious nature can be passed on to future generations.

The Milbon Group's Environmental Policies

Milbon has defined the Milbon Group Environmental Policies, which set forth our responsibility to our planet through all of our processes, from product development to raw material procurement, manufacturing, distribution, sales, customer use, and disposal by customers. We promote carbon neutral measures and regenerative, circular production and consumption activities.

Milbon Group Environmental Policies (full text)

<Our Approach to Critical Socio-Environmental Challenges>

Responding to Climate Change

The Milbon Group has defined Five Key Challenges for achieving a sustainable society ,which include establishing a framework for regenerative, circular production and consumption activities. We place great importance on the promotion of corporate activities aimed at achieving carbon neutrality. We endorse the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and are committed to accurately quantifying greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across our entire supply chain,. Additionally, our commitments extend to actively promoting energy-saving measures, the use of renewable energy, and ensuring transparency through diligent information disclosure.

Water Resources

At Milbon, we understand that water plays an integral role in all aspects of our business—from serving as an ingredient in many of our products, including our mainstay haircare products, to being necessary for the rinsing process after customers use our products. Recognizing the importance of water resource conservation, we are committed to gaining a thorough understanding of water stress in each of our business regions. Additionally, we are dedicated to effective water-saving practices, encouraging the reuse of water, and actively advancing water conservation initiatives.

Waste and Pollution

As a manufacturer of hair cosmetics, quasi-drugs, and related devices, Milbon actively strives to reduce waste and cut down the emission of substances with an impact on the environment through resource-saving and recycling of containers and packaging. To achieve the above goals, we believe it's crucial not just for our company but also for the local community and our partners to jointly promote these initiatives. We consider contributions through partnerships to be of paramount importance.


As a manufacturer dedicated to enriching the spirit through beauty, Milbon values the bounty and abundance that biodiversity offers to society at large, and we actively engage in activities for protecting our global environment. We recognize the environmental concerns related to palm oil as a critical challenge, and we are actively working to address this, including by obtaining supplier certifications for our production facilities.

Initiatives per Area

1. Greenhouse Gases

Target: Achieve Carbon Neutrality at the Yumegaoka Plant by 2030

We will achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 at Yumegaoka Plant, the core factory for the Milbon Group. By 2030, we will reduce the Yumegaoka Plant's CO2emissions, as well as the CO2equivalent to electricity used in production processes, achieving net zero emissions through partial procurement of certificates for CO2required to generate heat energy and for other purposes.






2026 Target

2030 Target

Scope 1 (Emissions from Fuel Combustion)





75% reduction compared with the 2019 level

Achieving carbon neutrality

Scope 2 (Emissions from Electricity Use)






Energy/Heat Certificates





Reference: Yumegaoka Plant Emissions as a Share of All Domestic Site Emissions







Calculated based on the List of Calculation Methods and Emission Factors for the Accounting, Reporting, and Disclosure System (2020 version) and List of Emission Factors by Electric Power Company (2022 version) stipulated by the Ministry of the Environment

2.Resource Recycling

Target: Reduce Plastic Use in Products by 30% by 2030

We will achieve a 30% reduction in plastic used in Milbon's products by 2030, using net sales for the intensity value.





2026 Target

2030 Target

Reference: Plastic Usage






vs. FY2020

Net sales intensity basis






Specific Initiatives for Harmony with Nature

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