The Milbon Group (including Milbon Co., Ltd. and its consolidated subsidiaries, hereinafter collectively referred to as “Milbon”), based on the philosophy of its business organization, seeks to remain a company that is widely and consistently supported by society. Here, it has defined “We strive to achieve a sustainable society through our collaboration with haircare professionals.” as part of its Management Philosophy and Basic Guideline for Sustainability, presented in The Milbon Way, a guideline handbook for employees.

Milbon hereby establishes this Milbon Group Environmental Policy (hereinafter referred to as “the Policy”) as a guideline for fulfilling its responsibility toward the global environment in all processes from product development to procurement of raw materials, manufacture, distribution, sale, and use and disposal by customers, to promote measures for carbon neutrality and recycling in manufacturing and consumption activities.

1. Protection of Global Environment

Milbon will strive to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in greenhouse gas (GHG), utilize water resources effectively, reduce waste, and actively utilize recycled materials throughout the value chain to reduce our impact on the global environment and preserve biodiversity.

2. Development of Products with Consideration for the Environment and Safety 

Milbon will strive to develop products and technologies that take into account their impact on the environment in the flow from development to disposal, and will work actively on research and development of techniques and raw materials with low environmental impact.

3. Establishment of Organizations/Systems for Promoting Environmental Preservation Activities

Milbon will strengthen cooperation with relevant divisions and promote companywide environmental preservation activities led by the Board of Directors and the Sustainability Committee. It will also promote the active introduction and operation of environmental management systems suitable for the production bases and other business facilities.

4. Compliance with Environment-Related Laws and Rules

Milbon will comply with environment-related laws and rules in all aspects of its business activities and in all regions where it operates, and will strive to reduce its environmental impact by establishing voluntary regulations, as necessary.

5. Provision of Education

Milbon will continually implement educational activities so that each employee will act responsibly for protection of the global environment.。

6. Increasing Trust from Society through Voluntary Evaluation and Information Disclosure

Milbon will voluntarily carry out regular audits and evaluation of its environment-related activities, and will strive to increase trust through active information disclosure and communication with its stakeholders.

December 9, 2022

Milbon Co., Ltd
President and CEO
Hidenori Sakashita
President and CEO Hidenori Sakashita

Sustainability Director, Executive Director
Masahiro Murai
Sustainability Director, Executive Director Masahiro Murai

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