In order to be reliable in our supply of products to haircare professionals and customers around the world, we have established a global production system and supply network.

Stable Production

Reliably Delivering What You Need, When You Need It.

We at Milbon strive to consistently provide a wide variety of products without excess or shortage. Therefore, we have built a production line capable of “build-to-stock” and”high-mix, variable-volume production”.

“Build-to-stock” and ”high-mix, variable-volume production”
These production systems forecast future demand and deliver the freshest products.

Build-to-stock is a production system for supplying products to the market by forecasting demand several months ahead based on past shipment trends. In addition to delivering products to customers when they need them, we also share production plans with our suppliers to ensure stability both in raw materials supply and in our production output.
High-mix, variable-volume production is a system enabling us to adapt to changes in market needs and demand, and to deliver products that are produced in a more timely manner–in other words, products that are "fresh.”

By shipping production lots at a quantity consumed over a given amount of time, we are able to deliver fresh products. This applies not only to new products, but also to those for which demand in the market has declined. In order to successfully achieve such a production system, we have built a production line that allows dynamic adjustment to production volumes by installing a number of compounding tanks in a range of sizes. This system eliminates imbalanced equipment usage and facilitates our delivery of a wide variety of products to customers without falling short on coverage.
As of 2021, we produce 2,061 different products. We review standard production quantities for each of those once every three months, classifying and managing all items.

Stable Supply

Building a Reliable Supply Network Linking Each Area of the Planet.

In order to deliver products at optimal timing to our worldwide customer base, we have established factories and logistics hubs across the globe. This network we have built is designed to ensure a stable supply to these customers.

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