The following is a list of analysts at securities companies who provide us with recommendations and critiques regarding our business, performance, etc.

As of April 02, 2024
Alphabetical order by securities company, honorifics omitted



Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd.

Katsuro Hirozumi


Masao Yoshida

Marusan Securities Co., Ltd.

Haruka Minagawa

SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.

Shima Yamanaka

This list is based on information available to the Group at the time of publication, and only includes information for those individuals who have given consent for disclosure. Therefore, please note that some analysts may not appear in this list, and that this list may not fully reflect transfers or other changes for individual analysts.

Analysts shown in this list issue their own forecasts and strategic analyses of the Group founded in their own judgment; the Group has no involvement in their forecasting processes.

This list is provided for the purpose of informing shareholders and investors about the analysts covering the Group, and is not intended as a solicitation to buy or sell shares of Milbon Co., Ltd.

The Group does not endorse the forecasts, opinions, or recommendations of these analysts, nor does it guarantee the accuracy of the information they provide.

Investment decisions should be made based on each investor's judgment and at their own risk.

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