We provide a set of products that were of great popularity during the fiscal year.

Each year, in the Milbon Co., Ltd. shareholder benefit program, we provide our products to shareholders who hold 100 or more shares of the company's stock as of the end of the fiscal year.

Special Gifts Provided at the End of FY 2023 (64nd Term)

At the end of each fiscal year, the Group's shareholder benefit program allows shareholders to select a special gift based on the number of shares they own and the period they have held the shares. We are pleased to announce that the special gifts available to our shareholders for FY 2023 have been finalized.
Information is to be mailed to shareholders at the end of March 2024 with details on the special gifts and their selection process.

The deadline for special gift application is May 31, 2024.
We encourage application as early as possible, as we will be unable to provide special gifts to those who miss the deadline.

Special Gifts Provided at the End of FY 2023 (64nd Term) (Japanese Only)

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