In order to ensure that our customers can continue to use our products with peace of mind, we have established our Basic Policy on Sustainable Raw Material in promotion of sustainable product development. This guideline exists alongside and augments our standards for functionality, safety, and quality.

Milbon Basic Policy on Sustainable Raw Material

1.Environmental Impact

We will endeavor to encourage adoption of raw materials, including as substitutes, in a way that is mindful of environmental impact, including conserving biodiversity and reducing CO2 emissions.

2.Consideration for Human Rights, Labor, Safety, and Health

We will endeavor to encourage adoption of raw materials for which the workers involved in their extraction and production are given fair treatment in terms of human rights, working conditions, safety, and health.

3.No Animal Testing

We shall not test our raw materials used in cosmetics (including quasi-pharmaceuticals) on animals.

Activity Focus Area: Palm Oil

We respect the principles and standards set forth by the RSPO* in regard to palm-derived raw materials used in Milbon's products. We will encourage procurement mindful of the environment and human rights of each raw material's place of origin.
Milbon has been a member of the RSPO*since 2019, and encourages substituting palm-derived raw materials used in its products with those that have been verified to be eco-friendly and human rights-friendly.

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil: A global non-profit organization established in 2004 to promote the sustainable production and use of palm oil.

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